The Cartier Style et Luxe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

DSC_0914The final chapter in Any Given Reason’s coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed is The Cartier Style et Luxe, a premium concours d’elegance for around fifty hand selected and high quality examples of mechanical art.

DSC_0502Set in a relaxed yet tasteful atmosphere on the lawns of Goodwood House, far from the noisy din of racing engines tackling the hillclimb, the Style et Luxe features possibly the widest spectrum of entrants spread over ten classes spanning automotive history.

DSC_0272Given that the Festival of Speed was celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 911, it is no surprise that the rear engined cars from Zuffenhausen featured prominently in a class of their own. Taking center stage was a 1973 Carrera RS Lightweight, which was raced by Fritz Muller in the European and German National GT Championships.

DSC_0515Right alongside was one of only a handful of what has to be the ultimate air-cooled 911 – the 1995 993 911 GT2.

DSC_0282Right across was the most extreme 911 to have ever been built – the 1998 911 GT1 Street. New regulations in international GT racing in 1998 meant that manufacturers could enter a car that had been designed from scratch, providing a road going version was offered to the public. Strangely enough this is the only road going version to be built and none ever reached any customers, however the model finished first and second at Le Mans that year, giving Porsche its 16th victory. Continue reading

The Goodwood Festival of Speed

DSC_0176Sometimes in life we are blessed by experiencing something truly incredible. Be it driving a particularly fast or rare car, making no mistakes on the perfect rally stage, finally hearing a favorite song live or witnessing the sun rise over a remote mountain range, these are the rare moments that are remembered vividly, never forgotten and used as comparison for everything that comes after.

DSC_0422These moments are bittersweet, because whilst experiencing them is something of a privilege, it is tinged with the knowledge that this is probably going to be the pinnacle.

DSC_0727Sitting back now and writing this post about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I’m coming to terms with the fact that there’s probably not a lot out there that can compare to the magic of Goodwood. The sheer quantity and quality of cars, the peaceful forest surroundings, the relaxed and open atmosphere and the diversity is something impossible to replicate. Continue reading

Martini Racing.

DSC_0608It’s a fact of life that sponsors pay for motor racing and they want the maximum return for their investment. As a result motorsport PR departments work overtime to deliver results, and their efforts are usually pretty cringeworthy (Sebastien Vettel edition Infiniti FX anyone?). But occasionally they get it oh so right.

DSC_0621At Goodwood all Martini had to do was line up 14 priceless pieces of history and let the cars do the talking. Instant success. I don’t think this post really needs any more words than that.


A visit to Royal Automobile Paris

DSC_0191Every now and then you stumble upon something utterly brilliant, and the fact that it’s unexpected makes it even more enjoyable.

DSC_0216The other day I was walking through Paris trying to find a patisserie before making an ascent of the Eiffel Tower when I noticed an unassuming building with a sign saying ‘Royal Automobile’.

DSC_0217A classic car dealer in such a prime location? Definitely worth a look. Sorry for the poor photo, but in the left you can see Royal Automobile, and in the top right you can see the tip of the Eiffel Tower. As far as automotive things in Paris go, this is pretty much as prime as it gets. Not even the big brands are this close.

DSC_0211Stepping in the door, I’m greeted by an AC Cobra and a Porsche 356C.

DSC_0212Yes, that is a Bugatti Type 35 and a Jaguar D-Type. Unfortunately the language barrier made getting more information about these cars rather difficult, but I got the impression they are both genuine. Continue reading