Volksfest 2013

DSC_0222The Volkswagen scene continues to amaze with its sheer size and diversity. Regardless of your particular automotive tastes, there’s a type or style of Volkswagen to match and a bunch of enthusiastic people out there doing it. The annual Volksfest, organised by the Volks Enthusiasts Club of SA, is Adelaide’s biggest dedicated Volkswagen show and the place where bug’s, buses, water cooled and a huge variety of anything Volkswagen or Volkswagen based comes to meet.

DSC_0538AGR has long been a proponent of the fact that when it comes to a car show, the location is the single biggest factor contributing to a good day. Volksfest was previously held on a closed road in Port Adelaide and that was brilliant, but the organisers have really outdone themselves and for 2013 somehow managed to secure Elder Park, in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, as the venue.

DSC_0283A rock ‘n roll band played the famous Rotunda and the show fanned out radially from there, with the Festival Centre & Intercontinental as backdrop on one side and the impressive new Adelaide Oval re-development just a stones throw over the Torrens. Continue reading