Glen Osmond Road – TVR T350C

TVRShort chassis, lightweight cars with big power – it’s a recipe for instant grins, and one that gave TVR a reputation as a builder of some of the wildest machines you can buy.

The company was founded in 1958 by TreVoR Wilkinson and shot to success at the height of the UK kit car boom, when selling cars in knockdown form avoided harsh sales taxes on cars. Believe it or not, but at one point TVR was the third largest sports car manufacturer in the world. Unlike almost all of its contemporaries, the TVR product has never changed in spirit. With trademark wild angles and curves the design’s gave a uniform ‘stuff you’ to the establishment, and build quality was always akin to that of a kit car.

TVR (1)But who cares about fit and finish when you’re behind the wheel of something like this T350C, which was spotted on the Friday morning commute just outside of the Adelaide CBD. The 3600cc dry-sumped straight six, with its factory 11.8:1 compression ratio, sends 350hp to the rears. The curvaceous fibreglass body sits over adjustable double wishbone suspension with coilovers front and back, and with a traditional 5 speed manual and none of that ABS/traction control/stability control rubbish to worry about the whole package weighs in at a scant 1187kg. Near 50/50 weight distribution (51.9% front, 48.1% rear) and fat rubber on the back only sweetens the deal.

What a cracking machine!

Words and photos by Andrew Coles