Clipsal 500 2013 – a flaming day 1

DSC_0221After the relaxing day that was Wednesday, we approached Thursday with a great deal of excitement. Everybody was sick of waiting around, and just wanted to get out on track and get the event proper underway.

DSC_0003Yesterday’s post highlighted that we were one of the few crews who made the driver take his own tires to the Pirelli truck. This morning we even made him clean his own windscreen!

DSC_0014But before we could get out on track, we had a drivers briefing to attend. It was actually a bit of an interesting experience. The only circuit racing drivers briefings I’ve been to have been for low level club events, and they seem to feel the need to go through everything in the most minutest of detail. This one was different – the race officials assumed a basic level of competence and experience to be racing at this level, and kept the briefing short and sweet with just the points relating to this specific circuit.

DSC_0013However it was still a drivers briefing, which by default means the drivers have to show at least some level of boredom.

DSC_0019The briefing was finished by a talk from driving standards observer Steven Richards. Most of his talk focused on the notorious Turn 8, which has been responsible for more than its fair share of wrecked vehicles over the years. You can really only go single file around that corner, so it was decided that whoever has the nose in front at the 150m braking marker gets the corner, and the other has to back out. Continue reading

Clipsal 500 2013 – A wet and soggy day 0

DSC_0001As I sit here and type, the sound of rain hitting the tarpaulin roof is almost drowning out the arty folk behind me discussing tonight’s Fringe shows. There’s lots of random old wooden doors scattered around, and a rigger is climbing over a stage, just to my right, readying it for tonight’s performance. The place is almost empty, except for the odd staff member who walks past, eying me off. I am of course sitting in the Fringe artists bar, my Clipsal lanyard and Koala Motorsport shirt causing me to stand out a little more than the mo hawked gentleman to my left. The lengths we go to for free wi-fi, right? I guess it’s kind of convenient that the artists bar offers this service and is located right next to the Clipsal circuit.

DSC_0012So why the on-location upload, and the lengthy, somewhat irrelevant intro? Well, for Clipsal 2013 Any Given Reason will be trying something a little bit different for our coverage. We’re jumping on board and helping out as pit crew for Brenton Griguol, racing his Ferrari 360 Challenge in the Australian GT category.

DSC_0014And instead of solely reporting on the event at its conclusion, I’m going to (attempt) to file a report at the conclusion of each day. I’ll save a couple of juicy posts for later (there’s only so much time, and so much free wi-fi), but in these series of posts I’ll be trying to give an insight into what it’s like to race a proper Ferrari GT car on the Adelaide Street Circuit. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it should be fun!

DSC_0162This, and the Fringe artists bar, will be my office for the next 5 days!

DSC_0009As far as the team is concerned, today was a pretty simple day of setting up. Brenton (aka Goober, left) and Simon (right) have taken care of most things in the leadup. Here they’re pictured doing something important, like real a real pro race team would. Continue reading