Welcome to the Green Hell

DSC_0270Dangerous. Challenging. Rewarding. Unique. The last of the proper old school race circuits, the Nurburgring Nordschleiffe is all of these things.

DSC_0334Formula 1 stopped coming here in the 70’s because it was too dangerous, which seems oddly juxtaposed against the thing that today makes the Nordschleiffe, or North Loop, so famous today. Anyone, and I mean actually anyone, can simply turn up and drive it as fast as they like.

DSC_0047Buy a lap ticket for 26 Euro…

DSC_0067…validate it in the boom gate and you’re away. Here’s the worlds most challenging racetrack – go nuts! No scruitineering, no helmets, no license checks, no speed limits. And, uh, try not to kill yourself.

DSC_0224It doesn’t matter what you drive. Obviously a GT3 RS is probably the best tool for the job…

DSC_0161…but if you’re just with your mates on a campervan road trip, well then that’s cool too. Continue reading

The Goodwood Festival of Speed

DSC_0176Sometimes in life we are blessed by experiencing something truly incredible. Be it driving a particularly fast or rare car, making no mistakes on the perfect rally stage, finally hearing a favorite song live or witnessing the sun rise over a remote mountain range, these are the rare moments that are remembered vividly, never forgotten and used as comparison for everything that comes after.

DSC_0422These moments are bittersweet, because whilst experiencing them is something of a privilege, it is tinged with the knowledge that this is probably going to be the pinnacle.

DSC_0727Sitting back now and writing this post about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I’m coming to terms with the fact that there’s probably not a lot out there that can compare to the magic of Goodwood. The sheer quantity and quality of cars, the peaceful forest surroundings, the relaxed and open atmosphere and the diversity is something impossible to replicate. Continue reading

The Canary Wharf Motor Expo, London

DSC_0215While in London a few weeks ago I was tipped off to a motor show taking place in the city by Chris, who I was staying with. Lured in by the phrases “tons of cars” and “some really nice one’s too”, I hopped the tube for a look. And what I discovered was not so much a motor expo, but a whole new concept I’d never considered before.

DSC_0307The expo was taking place at the bottom of the Canary Wharf Tower, where Chris works. And here’s the brilliant idea – traditional motor shows are going the way of the dodo – they’re expensive to put on, and the only people who bother to attend them are penniless anoraks like myself. So why not bring the show to the time poor people who actually want to buy these cars? Such a simple concept, and the canary wharf motor expo showed how it can be executed perfectly.

DSC_0202In the foyer sat the kinds of cars most dream of…

DSC_0197… and outside, the kinds of cars most actually buy. Continue reading