Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb 2014

MtAlma2014 1276Kevin Mackrell has thundered his way to another consecutive 4WD outright victory in the Mount Alma Mile hillclimb, held recently at Inman Valley on the scenic Fleurieu Peninsula. Behind the wheel of his all-conquering V8 powered Datsun 260Z, Mackrell held a firm grip on the two-day event, overcoming a five second penalty to take the win.

MtAlma2014 1277The 2WD category was won by Clinton Faustmann in the REVS/Faustune prepared FD RX7, who wrangled the flame spitting rotor up the hill slightly quicker than Jason Unkovich, who claimed third outright 2WD in the same car.

MtAlma2014 1320The big battle all weekend was between Mackrell and the Supaloc Racing Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera of Kevin Weeks, now sporting a fresh twin turbo setup. Weeks was still a fraction off Mackrell’s times, but the noise of the forced induction Italian V10 outclassed the 260Z in every way. It was spine tingling and worth coming just to listen to it alone. Continue reading

Welcome to Sant’agata Bolognese. Home of Lamborghini.

SantAgata 771It’s quite common to be disappointed in a product or angered by the service received from a company. ‘It’s my money’, you cry, ‘and I could do a better job than these monkeys’. Most of the time these resolutions remain mere dreams, however in the early 60’s an unknown Italian industrialist named Ferruccio Lamborghini somehow turned his dream into reality. So angered was Lamborghini at the poor quality of his Ferrari’s and the shocking treatment he received from Maranello, that he set up shop just an hour down the road with the specific goal of beating Enzo at his own game.

SantAgata 876Situated in the heart of Italy’s ‘Terra dei Motori’ (motor valley) between the cities of Bologna and Modena, Lamborghini is within an hour’s drive of Ferrari, Maserati and Pagani. Don’t let the building’s fresh facade fool you, because behind it lies essentially the same factory that has produced every Lamborghini model since 1963. It sits in the tiny village of Sant’agata Bolognese, a village surrounded by agricultural farming land and one that takes no more than a couple of minutes to drive through. It’s all refreshingly humble – you can be lost on a back road in sun drenched wheat fields and an Aventador on Italian ‘Prova’ (testing/proving) plates will blast past you, just as the Muira and Countach and Diablo would have done in decades past. It helps that speed limits are negotiable in these parts, too.

SantAgata 773The museum sits opposite the main administration building and design centre within the factory, and begins on the ground floor by chronicling each Lamborghini model produced. The gleaming yellow Muira SV steals the show on entrance, but the story begins with Lamborghini’s first car – the 3.5 litre V12 350GT of 1964. Continue reading

Supercar hunting in Dubai

DSC_0319Dubai is known the world over as a hotbed of supercars and vehicles of the mega rich. Whilst the country officially claims that just 6% of GDP comes from oil revenues, one look at the place seems to suggest otherwise. I guess it’s all in the accounting.

DSC_0313Whatever the case, its still fun to walk around camera in hand, and see what you find. I had a 12 hour stopover in Dubai the other day, so with stories of the legendary abandoned Ferrari Enzo fresh in my mind I decided to head out and see what I could find.

DSC_0085Other than a passing McLaren MP4-12C, there wasn’t a whole lot happening this particular Tuesday morning so I decided to visit a few dealerships I’d spotted from the train. I ended up walking for over 2 hours, which I can tell you isn’t a lot of fun in the Dubai heat. Continue reading

Lamborghini Melbourne and a good look at the Aventador LP700-4

I’m not even sure if our local Adelaide Lamborghini dealer even keeps a display car on the floor so I made sure to visit Lamborghini Melbourne while I was there recently. Located right at the end of Chapel Street, Lamborghini Melbourne is a sprawling dealership with a good stock of supercars on hand. The main reason for going was to have a look at the new Aventador LP700-4 up close, of which they had a stunning left hand drive example sitting in prime position.

Pushing through the large glass doors into the showroom you are instantly greeted by this Lamborghini V12 coffee table, complete with 6 Weber DCOE carbies. What an incredible piece of art it was. I wonder what it came out of and why; it was probably an Espada or something similar.  Continue reading

A visit to Maranello Motorsport

I had a few spare hours in Melbourne the other day so I decided to head down to Maranello Motorsport in Richmond for a look around.

Maranello Motorsport (MM) is just a 10 minute train ride from Flinders Street Station. From the Richmond stop it’s just a five minute walk down the funky and arty Cremorne Street. It’s quite a surreal walk – the street is very quiet, you pass a whole collection of small designer furniture stores and boutique legal practises and then Bam, there’s an F40 sitting right there.

Mark Coffey, Managing Director of MM, is surely living every car enthusiasts dream. MM are primarily Ferrari race preparation specialists. They are responsible for most of the Ferrari’s you see racing in the Australian GT Championship and field their own entry for regular driver Alan Simonsen and a host of other drivers who are lucky enough to be partnered alongside him. Their bread and butter is preparing 360 Modena and F430 GT3’s for GT racing and private track days, and they also offer a complete arrive and drive race or track day service. They have a showroom where they sell high end Ferrari’s and offer scheduled servicing and repairs for Ferrari road cars. Continue reading

Top Gear Live – The Supercars

The best part of Top Gear Live was what they called ‘The Stig’s Garage’, a segment where they just parked a whole lot of desirable cars in a line and walked around talking about them for a while. It was the usual assortment of high end exotica, but there were two standouts….

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Burswood Casino Perth – Just your average Thursday night

Last week I was in Perth for Top Gear Live (post coming soon), held at the Burswood entertainment complex. I’d heard that the lobby area of the Burswood casino/InterContinental hotel is often worth a visit so I decided to check it out before the show. It didn’t disappoint.

Apart from the last two which were taken after the show, all of these photos were taken within a 15 minute period. Continue reading

Targa High Country – The flaming Gallardo Superleggera

At the end of Targa High Country 2011, something so cool happened that I thought it deserved it’s own separate post. John and Jason White, driving their highly developed (and brand new for this event) Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera found themselves in second place heading into the last stage of the event, the famous 18km Mt Buller road. About 2km into the stage the rear of the Gallardo caught fire. Belching huge flames and smoke and dropping bits of burning carbon fibre in it’s wake, the White’s weren’t quite sure if they should stop or not. A fast time could see them win the event.

So, they did the only thing you really could do in that situation. With a rear vision mirror completely filled with flame, they decided to just keep driving it until it stopped. Which luckily it didn’t, enabling them to win the stage by several seconds and therefore win the event. Here are some photos and video from that particularly awesome moment. Continue reading

Supercar hunting in Singapore

The one thing that anyone who is even vaguely interested in cars takes away from a visit to Singapore is the sheer quantity of nice metal that populates the roads of this progressive city. Despite ridiculous import duties that make even the cheapest Toyota around AUD$70,000 on the road, 5 series BMW’s and S Classes are commonplace. But I was chasing something a little more enticing. Such is the quality of Singapore that I managed to shoot the following collection in just a single five-hour stopover. Enjoy.

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