Around Maranello and a visit to Museo Ferrari

Museo_Ferrari (86)Ferrari is a brand that captivates the imagination like no other. Careful cultivation and strong ties to the legendary racetracks and drivers of decades past means that the Prancing Horse holds an almost mythical status today, arguably outstripping the material value of the cars that wear its badges. These days the commercialization of the brand verges on cringeworthy – how many airport Ferrari apparel stores and red co-branded Puma shoes do you need to see before you’re left with no option but to run into the arms of some obscure hipster car manufacturer that nobody has heard of? I mean, who actually buys a Gumpert for any other reason than Ferrari escapism?

Museo_Ferrari (63) But who am I to comment? Ferrari is and always has been the be-all-and-end-all sports and supercar manufacturer for me. I know that some of them aren’t actually that good, aren’t that reliable and the wrong one can make you look like a drug dealer or attention seeking poseur, or both. But I don’t care. I dream of driving them, I dream of owning one. My pulse rises every time I see one. I regularly check Carsales to see what the cheapest Ferrari is, and then ponder the realities of dropping fifty large on a thirty year old hunk of rusting Italian steel with dodgy wiring. Would I? In a heartbeat if I could.

Museo_Ferrari (2)When I set out on my recent Vespa trip around Europe I had almost no plans – I didn’t even know what countries I was going to visit. The only thing I had was a small handful of places in the back of my mind that I wanted to experience, and number one was Maranello.

Museo_Ferrari (1) Because you don’t really visit Maranello – you experience it. Museo Ferrari is the hot-ticket tourist attraction, but the rest of the small industrial suburb of Modena, steeped in so much legend, sits there waiting to be discovered. Just around the corner from the museum are the famous factory gates, looking almost identical as depicted in period photos of the 60’s and 70’s. Continue reading

An Aladdin’s cave of Ferrari’s in Switzerland

LausanneFerrari 788I’ve discussed the concept of serendipity before on Any Given Reason, and the adventure and discovery to be found in being lost while traveling. The best things are always unexpected, and it pays to keep your eyes open to possibility no matter how discouraging your circumstances may seem.

LausanneFerrari 776Recently, I was traveling through the Swiss lakes on my Vespa with the unlikely goal of reaching the holiday town of Lausanne by nightfall. My tent had flooded the previous night in Italy which meant that all of my possessions except the clothes I was wearing were packed sodden in my bags, and I was lost. I had a ferry booked on the other side of France for a 4am Thursday morning Channel crossing which I had to make in order to not miss the Goodwood Revival Meeting; it was 6pm on Monday night and I still had close to 1000km of Switzerland and France to cover. The small 125cc capacity of my Vespa meant I couldn’t ride on the Autobahn, and whilst it was tempting to give it a crack anyway, I decided to play it safe and take the slower route through the towns.

LausanneFerrari 789Long story short, all of those circumstances sent me on an unexpected path that saw me ride past an Aladdin’s cave called Garage Zenith, and then discover another equally impressive workshop a little further on. I really didn’t have the time to justify stopping for a coffee let alone a walk around a car dealership, but when I saw Michael Schumacher’s own factory personalised Ferrari Enzo and a 1957 Maserati 250S sitting on the showroom floor, I just knew I had to stop. To hell with the schedule. Continue reading

Milan – A street parked F40

DSC_0095If you’re half smart about it, seeing an F40 in the flesh isn’t really that difficult. By visiting the right museums and attending the right events, there’s a pretty good chance of spotting one of these gloriously wedgy supercars and you can admire it for as long as you like, usually behind a rope.

DSC_0124But seeing an F40 in a museum is a bit like seeing a Bengal Tiger in a Zoo. It’s still a pretty cool experience but there is no effort, chance or adventure involved so it’s a little bit hollow. Spot that tiger in the wild on safari in the Indian jungle, and it’s a completely more exciting moment.

DSC_0104When I started posting car sightings on Any Given Reason, a friend asked what would be the ultimate car to chance upon, the goal, the prize of this little sport. The response was instantly the Ferrari F40 – in my opinion the rawest, wildest, most earth shattering supercar to ever have been made. Spotting one of these in the wild is an extremely rare occurrence, and I never truly expected I would find one.

DSC_0116That is, until one day when I was randomly exploring the backstreets close to Milan’s fashion district. It was a sea of drab grey Peugeot’s and Volkswagens until I rounded a corner and there it was, in all its glory. A British registered, Rosso Corsa F40 just sitting there, parked like any other car.

DSC_0120What a machine! F40’s are something else when you see them at an event, but the impact is magnified tenfold when you see one parked in the street. It was quite literally stopping traffic, causing camera phones to be whipped out in a frenzy like I’ve never seen before.

DSC_0109It just sat there as scooters and Fiat Panda’s whizzed by just inches away, somewhat of a perverse joy to witness.

DSC_0111So now that the F40 box has been ticked, it raises the question of what the next halo sighting should be. Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments section!

I’m thinking Porsche 959…

DSC_0126Words and photos by Andrew Coles

Chris Harris knocks it out of the ball park…. again.

I’m not going to judge what you’re doing right now, but I’m going to take a stab and say that the next twenty or so minutes of your life will be best spent dropping whatever it is and watching this video.

DSC_0104DSC_0443Any Given Reason has been lucky enough to stumble upon an F40 and an F50 in person in the last few days and those experiences were very special. But actually driving these idols, let alone like this?

Who knows, maybe in 25 years time you’ll be watching an Any Given Reason retrospective video on the LaFerrari. But for now….

It might be a little quiet around here for a week or two…

DSC_0382Any Given Reason is currently exploring the Italian/French Riviera, as as such finding it extremely difficult to justify spending any significant time behind the computer. Rather than rush what will be some pretty interesting stories, it’s probably best to wait until the time is available to do them justice. Even moreso considering that the next two weekends will also be spent at two of the premiere motorsport events in the world – the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and the Goodwood Revival. Definitely two posts not to be glossed over.

In the meantime, you can still follow Any Given Reason on Facebook, and on Instagram – @anygivenreason.

After a short break, AGR will most certainly be back into it in full swing. And until then, here’s a small sneak preview of what you can expect…


Words and photos by Andrew Coles

The Cartier Style et Luxe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

DSC_0914The final chapter in Any Given Reason’s coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed is The Cartier Style et Luxe, a premium concours d’elegance for around fifty hand selected and high quality examples of mechanical art.

DSC_0502Set in a relaxed yet tasteful atmosphere on the lawns of Goodwood House, far from the noisy din of racing engines tackling the hillclimb, the Style et Luxe features possibly the widest spectrum of entrants spread over ten classes spanning automotive history.

DSC_0272Given that the Festival of Speed was celebrating 50 Years of the Porsche 911, it is no surprise that the rear engined cars from Zuffenhausen featured prominently in a class of their own. Taking center stage was a 1973 Carrera RS Lightweight, which was raced by Fritz Muller in the European and German National GT Championships.

DSC_0515Right alongside was one of only a handful of what has to be the ultimate air-cooled 911 – the 1995 993 911 GT2.

DSC_0282Right across was the most extreme 911 to have ever been built – the 1998 911 GT1 Street. New regulations in international GT racing in 1998 meant that manufacturers could enter a car that had been designed from scratch, providing a road going version was offered to the public. Strangely enough this is the only road going version to be built and none ever reached any customers, however the model finished first and second at Le Mans that year, giving Porsche its 16th victory. Continue reading

The ground up restoration of a Ferrari F40 LM

1733738d1372669120-f40-lm-restoration-19thy-004sAny Given Reason usually tries to avoid simply reblogging the cool stuff found on the internet – there’s lots of it, and you can easily find it on countless other sites.

1737416d1373274140-f40-lm-restoration-dscf3245sHowever, very rarely you discover something that is truly worthy of reblogging – and this is one of those times.


Find an undisturbed hour or two and head on over to and read one of the most amazing restoration stories you’re likely to hear of. Attention to detail? Epic. Over restored? Maybe. But either way, you can’t deny that the finished product will be one of the best, fastest and most durable F40’s around.

Ferrari F40 LM Restoration – – Click Here