Any Given Reason Burger Meet 3

BurgerMeet3 627The concept of Burger Meet is simple – a car park meet to get as many readers of Any Given Reason and their cars in the same place as possible. The emphasis is on diversity and informality, and the vague idea of standing around a car park eating burgers is about as far as the planning goes.

BurgerMeet3 525On the evening of Saturday 28th December, the readers of Any Given Reason descended on the Hagen Arms Hotel at Echunga in the Adelaide Hills to watch the sun set with burgers, beers, and of course, cars. And what a spectacular array of cars it was – but more on that later.

BurgerMeet3 518The thing that makes organising Burger Meet such an exciting, rewarding and completely terrifying experience is that I have absolutely no idea who actually reads and follows this blog. I get traffic statistics but they’re just abstract numbers and graphs, so when I put the word out that Burger Meet 3 was happening I had exactly zero idea who and how many people would actually come. I guessed about 80 cars and thought it would be pretty cool if we could fill the car park, but when streams of cars started pouring in and it wasn’t even the 6pm start-time yet, I started to get a little nervous/overjoyed. Continue reading


Burger Meet 3 is on!

Burger Meet flyer

It’s time to do it again – the third Any Given Reason Burger Meet is happening on Saturday 28 December at 6pm! The meet will be held in the large carpark across the road from the Hagen Arms Hotel in Echunga, next to the workshop of Cortina and Escort race engine specialists Pitstop Service Centre. The Hagen Arms Hotel is doing a special $14 takeaway beef or chicken schnitzel burger with chips for us and it’s shaping up to be a top summers night spent relaxing with good friends and good cars… providing it’s not raining sideways like it was last time!

dsc_0291For those unaware, Burger Meet is an informal gathering of car enthusiasts held about twice a year at various locations in the Adelaide Hills.

dsc_0026If standing around a carpark eating burgers and talking about cars sounds like an ideal way to spend a warm Saturday evening, then Burger Meet is definitely for you.

dsc_00561And it really doesn’t matter what you drive – Burger Meet is all about a mutual appreciation of anything on four wheels (or even two). We’ve had around 70-90 cars at the previous two Burger Meets which have included everything from a 50’s Citroen through a range of classic, muscle, European, Japanese, time attack, drift, gravel rally, tarmac rally and circuit cars through old Alfa’s, cruisers to modern Porsche’s and Ferrari’s. If you can drive it and it’s a tiny bit interesting, it’s welcome!

dsc_0288If you’ve got any questions, fire away in the comments box below or email As they say, be there or be square!

Event report on Burger Meet 1

Event report on Burger Meet 2

2013 All British Day

DSC_0196Monty Python, old fashioned pubs and The Beatles are just some of the gifts offered to the world by Britain. However with the good comes the bad, and Britain is also responsible for Bovril, The Spice Girls and some frankly terrible comedies on the ABC. And so it was with the All British Day; a show completely unique for featuring some of my all-time favorite cars, and some of my least, all in one place.

DSC_0015It’s well worth pointing out, though, that the desirable cars at All British Day are more than enough reason to come.

DSC_0279And come they did. Traditionally held on the Uraidla oval, the All British Day has become so big that it has outgrown that venue. For 2013 the show moved to its new home on the Echunga oval, just a further 20 minutes down some of the nicest hills roads in the state.

DSC_0005Whilst I still think the old venue at Uraidla is a more scenic location, Echunga provides a nice Aussie gumtree backdrop for the show, and plenty of space for all who come. I can’t remember the last time I had to line up to get into a classic car show in Adelaide!

DSC_0009The only problem with the All British Day is that there is just so much to see that it is not really possible to properly take it all in. Taking this into consideration, for my coverage this year I’ve decided to take a more detailed look at the cars that really stood out to me – an Any Given Reason ‘best of show’, if you will. Continue reading

Echunga – 5 blank canvas Escorts

These Escorts are just sitting in some farmers rickety shed out near Echunga in the hills. There’s four Mk1’s and a Mk2 and they all look to be complete, although it’s clear that none of them have moved in recent history. It’s impossible to discover a find like this and not picture the latent possibility these cars have – a stock resto RS2000 or Mexico? A period rally car with bubble flares and a BDA running through big Webers? A tough streeter with a modern turbocharged Cosworth installed? Or a modern style rally car like they’re building in the UK a the moment with a Honda F20C and sequential 6 speed? Or with unlimited dollars, one of each?

Continue reading