Porsche, rally weapons and odd Italian cars – A chilled Sunday on the road.

Sunday_27 (23)There’s a lot to be said for organised events and races but sometimes it’s fun to just cruise around on a lazy Sunday and see what you find. With my own Fiat X1/9 project finally hitting the roads after seven long years in the shed, I used the vague excuse of the media briefing and scruitineering for the upcoming Scouts Rally SA Australian Rally Championship round (happening this weekend) as a way point and took the X1/9 for a drive.

Sunday_27 (7)It’s not uncommon to see a few Porsche’s in the hills on a pleasant Sunday but after about the sixth in a row I figured something must be up, so I followed them just down the road to Longview Vineyard in Macclesfield.

Sunday_27 (4)When it comes to Porsche it’s usually that trademark classic style that steals my heart, and even though this left hand drive 912 was definitely a looker there was something else that stopped me dead on this occasion…

Sunday_27 (1)… this stunning 964 Carrera 4 sitting on a set of OZ Allegerita‘s. Continue reading


The new 911 – Type 991

The launch of a new Porsche 911 is a special occasion. Probably the worlds benchmark sports car, each 911 is an icon of its time and is proof that constant refinement and re-engineering is the key to success. Since the 911’s introduction in September 1963 as the replacement for the 356, this new 911 is only the 6th generation from Porsche and only the third clean sheet design in almost fifty years!

Codenamed Type 991 (for added confusion), the new car is bigger, more luxurious and more comfortable than the Type 997 it replaces. But as an example of how technology progresses, the 991 is also lighter, faster and uses less fuel. It has an all new 3800cc flat 6 that loves to rev, and produces its peak power of 294kw some 900rpm higher than the old motor. That’s 24kw more and at the same rpm as the 996 GT3 of just 10 years ago.

The thing that separates Porsche from the rest is that they make cars that are equally at home on the race track as they are on the commute to work. That was the beauty in the 356, and it’s the beauty in the new Type 991 today. It’s more comfortable and liveable than the old one, and it’s faster than Porsche’s own track-day specials of just a decade ago. I haven’t driven a 991 (or any 911 for that matter), so I won’t go too far into what the new car is like to drive (you can read that in any of the major publications), however I will point out a few of the observations I made while having a look at the new car.

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Kent Town – hotrod ’73 911 Carrera RS

I was at North Terrace Tyres this morning having a puncture fixed from last weekend’s camping adventures¬†when I heard the unmistakeable high pitched squeal of proper race brakes, accompanied by the unmistakable heel-and-toe bark of a highly tuned Porsche flat 6 cutting through the morning traffic. As I looked up my jaw literally dropped as this ’73 Carrera RS replica drove in.¬†

A modified early 911 is very, very high on my list of car’s I’ve promised myself I will one day own, in fact it’s probably almost number 1, and this example is exactly how I would build my one. A street going racer with the old world Porsche charm, mixed with modern world levels of performance.¬† Continue reading