Ben Simpson Memorial Cruise 2014

BSMC 957Well over 600 enthusiast cars gathered recently on a hot Saturday night in early February for the Ben Simpson Memorial Cruise; an interclub, everything welcome, drive through Adelaide and the hills to raise awareness and funds for a variety of mental health issues.

BSMC 947Initially organised by the late Ben’s parents as a small memorial event for their son who tragically took his own life, the BSMC has quickly become one of the biggest events on the Adelaide calendar. Whilst it’s the cars we come for, the cruise has a sub-plot and serves to not only raise funds but to spread knowledge of mental health issues within the automotive community; a group of people that would sooner give away their cars than discuss their mental health.

BSMC 1018But it is the cars that we come for, and most certainly the cars are what takes centre stage. The cruise met at the Tea Tree Plaza carpark, and managed to completely fill a fair proportion of it. Think how busy the carpark is at the height of the pre Christmas rush, and that’s a fair indication of how full the BSMC was.

BSMC 1016However rather than traffic jams of family trucksters and people negotiating tiny gaps with overflowing trolleys, there were lines of immaculately modified cars and people with cameras far outnumbered people with shopping bags. Continue reading


The Any Given Reason Burger Meet

DSC_0288As all good things seem to be, the first Any Given Reason Burger Meet was born from a simple, almost flippant idea. Over conversation a couple of weeks ago, the point was raised to me that AGR has a really wide spectrum of readers – dedicated rally folk, hardened circuit racers, Euro car fanboys and Stance fanatics just to name a few. So why not get them all together, and attempt to create a melting pot of different styles for a little while?

DSC_0178A quick email to some close friends confirmed that people would probably be keen, and just like that, Burger Meet was on. We created a Facebook event and a whole bunch of people expressed their interest. It was a little concerning at the start – I didn’t even know if people would actually want to come, and within 24 hours it was looking bigger than we ever expected.

DSC_0121The premise for Burger Meet was pretty simple. We all met at a carpark in Blackwood within close proximity to a gourmet burger shop, and stood around talking about cars and eating burgers for a couple of hours. I was completely awestruck by how many people trusted the idea and came – we had over 60 cars and easily more than 100 people! And it wasn’t just the number of cars that surprised me; it was the diversity and quality that really blew me away.

DSC_0016When was the last time you went to a gathering and saw a Ferrari 575M parked next to a hardcore gravel rally WRX? Continue reading

Join us at the first Any Given Reason Burger Meet!

You’re invited to the first Any Given Reason Burger Meet!

Friday November 30, 7pm, Coles carpark across and down the road from Fancy Burger, 237 Main Road, Blackwood

Summer’s on its way, and the beautiful warm evenings are here. So what could be better than standing around in a carpark, eating gourmet burgers and checking out cars on a Friday evening?

Any Given Reason has a really diverse range of readers with some great cars, so what we’re planning is a relaxed and casual Friday night meet in the Coles carpark across the road from Fancy Burger in Blackwood. For those that are unaware, Fancy Burger makes the best burgers in Adelaide, hands down. Combine that with a carpark full of interesting cars and you have the recipe for a fun night.

Burger Meet is inspired by the famous Cars and Coffee and KINOD gatherings in the States, where owners and enthusiasts gather to share their passion, regardless of what they drive. Euro, Jap or American. Classic or modern. Road, race or rally. It doesn’t matter what it is – bring it along for us all to see!

If you’re on Facebook, head over to the event page to RSVP, or email for more information.

See you there!