Any Given Reason Burger Meet 3

BurgerMeet3 627The concept of Burger Meet is simple – a car park meet to get as many readers of Any Given Reason and their cars in the same place as possible. The emphasis is on diversity and informality, and the vague idea of standing around a car park eating burgers is about as far as the planning goes.

BurgerMeet3 525On the evening of Saturday 28th December, the readers of Any Given Reason descended on the Hagen Arms Hotel at Echunga in the Adelaide Hills to watch the sun set with burgers, beers, and of course, cars. And what a spectacular array of cars it was – but more on that later.

BurgerMeet3 518The thing that makes organising Burger Meet such an exciting, rewarding and completely terrifying experience is that I have absolutely no idea who actually reads and follows this blog. I get traffic statistics but they’re just abstract numbers and graphs, so when I put the word out that Burger Meet 3 was happening I had exactly zero idea who and how many people would actually come. I guessed about 80 cars and thought it would be pretty cool if we could fill the car park, but when streams of cars started pouring in and it wasn’t even the 6pm start-time yet, I started to get a little nervous/overjoyed. Continue reading


Glen Osmond Road – The 1600 you dream of

This is it, the 1600 you dream of finding. Completely unmolested and in original condition. Everything is there, one elderly owner. A well used time capsule. So the big question, what would you do with it? A grunter historic rally car? A tough street car? (please, no SR20). Or maybe something with big power, but keeping the looks completely as is. But then again 1600’s are rare cars these days, particularly in such original condition. It’d almost be a shame to modify it. I’d maybe loose that steering wheel cover, however….