Auto Italia Adelaide 2013

DSC_0096Italian cars, like their French counterparts, are possibly the most divisive vehicles in all autodom. You either love them or you hate them, and in this argument there are very few fence sitters.

DSC_0107Almost everyone appreciates the svelte lines of a 246 Dino or the downright cuteness of a 500 Bambino but when it comes to actual ownership, it’s only the brave who put their money where their mouth is. Those that are willing to endure dodgy electrics, crummy interiors and rusty metal are treated to superior dynamics, glorious noises and wonderfully tactile controls. Not to mention the fact that every journey in an Italian vehicle (with the possible exception of the new ones) is tinged with just a tiny bit of doubt. How boring would life be if you were always completely certain of reaching your destination?

DSC_0196You either ‘get’ Italian cars or you don’t, and the annual Auto Italia Adelaide show exists to bring as many of these like minded enthusiasts and their vehicles together in once place. In only its second year, the show once again assembled a vast range of Italian marques to the Campbelltown Soccer Club for a sunny Sunday of Italian cars, food and music. Continue reading

Martini Racing.

DSC_0608It’s a fact of life that sponsors pay for motor racing and they want the maximum return for their investment. As a result motorsport PR departments work overtime to deliver results, and their efforts are usually pretty cringeworthy (Sebastien Vettel edition Infiniti FX anyone?). But occasionally they get it oh so right.

DSC_0621At Goodwood all Martini had to do was line up 14 priceless pieces of history and let the cars do the talking. Instant success. I don’t think this post really needs any more words than that.