Why do we go driving in the hills? Why do we spend every last cent on that old used car in the shed? Why do we strap ourselves into rally cars and hurtle down tree-lined roads, or stand out in the cold and rain for hours on end to watch other people doing the same? Fun, excitement, friendship, passion, adventure. We do it for Any Given Reason you can think of really.

Any Given Reason is by, about and for the people who get it. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Any Given Reason blogs about the events that happen around us, and the cars, personalities and adventures we encounter on our travels.

Any Given Reason is the work of Andrew Coles. By day Andrew works as a marketing coordinator in the retail industry, but his mind is usually occupied by his real passions for cars, car culture, motorsport, travel and photography. Any Given Reason is the creative outlet of those passions.

Andrew’s daily drive car is an NA Mazda MX5, and he is carrying out a ground up resto-mod on his first car, a 1979 Fiat X1/9. Andrew competes in supersprint, hillclimb and gymkhana events as a driver, and occasionally as a co-driver in both gravel and tarmac rally.

Fiat X1/9, Great Ocean Road, January 2006

Alfa Romeo Sprint

First rally, co-driving with David Rudzitis, Rally SA 2008, Subaru Legacy RS

Co-driving with Howie Ryan, Subaru WRX

Co-driving with Sebastian Lip, Nissan R35 GTR

Co-driving with Guy Standen, 1974 Fiat 124 Sport CC

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andrew, just stumbled across your website. Absolutely brilliant, a really nice combination of pics & text. Look forward to catching up soon, don’t know if you saw our new 6.9 litre V8 Ultra at Alma. We unfortunately broke it in practise Saturday morning, but its fixed now & will be further tested at Collingrove Saturday April 21st.

  2. Andrew you need to give up your day job and do this full time, it is so amazing what you have seen and done and what you know I love reading your blog and looking at your very cool photos. Keep it coming!!!! I keep telling everyone I know about you and your travels so hopefully they are also enjoying it.

  3. Hi Andrew, Very impressed with the content and quality of this page. The photography is very inspiring and the accompanying text in not only professional but extremely engaging. I have particularly enjoyed your recent coverage of the Goodwood Festival and the 24hr Leman. Was just wondering if you would be interested in contributing to our blog in a freelance capacity. Shoot through an email if you’re interested. Kind regards and best wishes.

    • Thanks very much for the comments! With travelling in Europe at the moment my time is more than stretched just running Any Given Reason, but I’ll be sure to be in touch once I return to Australia. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for providing this very entertaining website, absolutely stunning photos. I wish you all the best for your upcoming adventures.

  5. Andrew , we havn’t met yet but we will ! many thanks for the super photo pasted on face book of me and my ol’ Rex Acme at the Adelaide motor festival a great event indeed and I hope it grows and grows , cya soon ! Martyn

  6. I think I get it … having long admired the Ferrari 400i , I stumble upon your site after a random google search. There are cars featured here that I love but will never be able to afford. Others I admire, like the 2600 Alfa, DS 23 Citroen … even the X1-9. Alas, I am too imbued with penury for such folly as car restorations. So for me, Motorsport and Classic & Sportscar magazines (and internet sites such as yours) are places I go to when I wish to fantasise. I appreciate the sharp pics and clean text. Nice work!

    • Thanks for the comments!

      Yes, a full restoration isn’t something I’ll be rushing to do again in the near future. I’m glad I’ve done it, but that’s enough for now. A far better and cheaper idea in the long run is to buy a good running example, and fix it up in little bits as time/money allows. Well that’s at least what I’d do next time 🙂



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