Porsche, rally weapons and odd Italian cars – A chilled Sunday on the road.

Sunday_27 (23)There’s a lot to be said for organised events and races but sometimes it’s fun to just cruise around on a lazy Sunday and see what you find. With my own Fiat X1/9 project finally hitting the roads after seven long years in the shed, I used the vague excuse of the media briefing and scruitineering for the upcoming Scouts Rally SA Australian Rally Championship round (happening this weekend) as a way point and took the X1/9 for a drive.

Sunday_27 (7)It’s not uncommon to see a few Porsche’s in the hills on a pleasant Sunday but after about the sixth in a row I figured something must be up, so I followed them just down the road to Longview Vineyard in Macclesfield.

Sunday_27 (4)When it comes to Porsche it’s usually that trademark classic style that steals my heart, and even though this left hand drive 912 was definitely a looker there was something else that stopped me dead on this occasion…

Sunday_27 (1)… this stunning 964 Carrera 4 sitting on a set of OZ Allegerita‘s.

Sunday_27 (5)As far as I’m concerned that fitment is perfect for a stock guard 911, and the satin black colour flows perfectly with the Carrera script.

Sunday_27 (25)Next it was off to the city via Hahndorf. There’s always something interesting to see on a busy Sunday in Hahndorf, and this Volvo P1800 didn’t disappoint.

Sunday_27 (20)It’s always a bit of a shock to the system when you see hardcore gravel rally cars parked on little backstreets in the CBD which is one of the reasons I love dropping in at scrutineering for Rally SA each year.

Sunday_27 (9)You’d never see stuff like this parked in the city on any other day of the year!

Sunday_27 (16)A lot of people have cool vintage stickers on their cars, but Jeremy Browne’s are a little different. He actually competed in this event, in this very car.

Sunday_27 (22)It was almost a little surreal seeing the Fiat parked up in the street. This thing has been merely an object in the shed requiring ridiculous amounts of time and money without providing any tangible benefits for so long, and other than a few tentative test runs this was the first time I’ve used it as a car in over seven years. A vehicle capable of transporting your person to and from appointments – a bit of a novelty, eh?

Sunday_27 (21)Luke Jaksa is very kindly donating his weekend to help cover Rally SA for Any Given Reason next weekend and he was down for the media briefing in his newly acquired Alfa Romeo 33 4×4 Sportwagon. Trust AGR to have the oddball Italian car side of rallying completely sewn up!

Sunday_27 (15)After the briefing we walked a block from Rally HQ to CMI Toyota’s sprawling, futuristic workshop where scrutineering for the local competitors was taking place.

Sunday_27 (13)The rally cars cycled through over the course of the day so we only got to see a small handful of them, but it was still a good opportunity to see them from an angle we (hopefully) won’t be able to see next weekend.

Sunday_27 (18)Just as we were leaving Michael Busby and Andy Sarandis arrived in Busby’s freshly rebuilt FC RX7.

Sunday_27 (19)With a Modena dog box, the best suspension from Murray Coote and a rather serious engine built under the supervision of Jason from REVS this RX7 is quite the weapon. It leaves a trail of premix go-kart oil smell wherever it goes and will likely shoot sheets of flame out the exhaust – Busby should be exciting to watch!

Sunday_27 (24)With a bottle of wine waiting at home and the sun getting low it was time to head off, and thankfully the little Fiat made the journey without a single issue. There’s a few little tuning issues to sort and lots of little jobs to finish off, but overall I’m grinning at how well she’s running. As you can probably expect, there will be a full story on AGR and proper photos once I’m confident to call the project finished.

Sunday_27 (2)Sunday_27Organised events are fun and we’ll thrive under the pressure of next weekend, but sometimes it’s cool to just sit back and relax.

Words and photos by Andrew Coles

Sunday_27 (6)Sunday_27 (8)Sunday_27 (10)Sunday_27 (11)Sunday_27 (12)Sunday_27 (14)Sunday_27 (17)


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