A warehouse in Broadview – 4 Monaros and a GTHO. South Africa meets Aussie muscle.

I’m not usually one for Aussie muscle, but nonetheless I was intrigued when I stumbled upon this little collection the other day. As I was becoming disenchanted with the low quality of used cars I was browsing at a yard, my eyes wandered through a sliding garage door that was partially open. It was an old classic looking warehouse and inside were several old cars, covered in panel beaters dust. All the salesmen were busy making the hard sell to other customers, so I slipped in for a look and snapped these photos on my iPhone.

You can’t dispute the fact that Aussie muscle is now more collectable than it ever has been, and a collection of 4 Monaro’s like this is something special. What’s more, some of them looked in original condition making me curious about their stories. I’m not enough of an expert to tell if the green Falcon is a real GTHO or not, but I think it’s definitely a possibility. I hope that the originality of these cars is preserved when, and if, they are restored.

The body of this red example looked like it might clean up alright, although it would likely need major recommissioning if it were to ever see the road again. There was also an old Valiant of some description up the back, it looked like a Pacer to me.

Bonnet scoops and a bad sunroof – the mid 80’s modifications that we’re trying to forget.

I was looking at this yellow example, and it seemed a little different….

…Chevrolet badges on Holdens are nothing new (a la’ bogans and VY/VE SS Commodores), but this one seemed period…

The Chevrolet SS steering wheel looked like something out of an old Camaro, and a little too ‘factory’ to have been added by a dreaming owner. But it was right hand drive….

The South African numberplate was a dead giveaway. I knew that Ford famously exported GTHO Falcons to South Africa (and that the South African GTHO’s are worth a pretty penny), but I had no idea that Holden had a similar export program at the same time. According to the oracle of knowledge that is Wikipedia, this is in fact one of 1,182 HG Chevrolet SS’s. Holden also exported 1,828 HT Monaro’s, badged as Holden Monaro’s and fitted with the Holden 308ci V8 in addition to the 1,182 HG models fitted with the Chevrolet 350ci V8, which were then assembled by General Motors South African at their Port Elizabeth assembly plant. How ironic then that Holden’s manufacturing plant is located at Elizabeth, South Australia.

The Chevrolet SS had a revised front end which made it look similar in appearance to the Chevrolet El Camino of the time.

I wish I’d spent more time having a closer look at these cars, because on inspection of the photos just now I can see what looks very much like another South African numberplate on the back of one of the other Monaro’s. It looks like it has the same vinyl roof as the yellow Chevrolet SS, too. So that then raises the question – if half the Monaro’s are South African, is the green Falcon then one of the famous South African GTHO’s? I think there’s a pretty good chance….



13 thoughts on “A warehouse in Broadview – 4 Monaros and a GTHO. South Africa meets Aussie muscle.

  1. Wow that’s hell interesting. Am looking for an old Monaro – got a CV8Z 05 model but am really now after an HT, HG or HK. Will have to try and look further into the Monaro’s for sale in South Africa! (and the GT’s). Thanks for the awesome photos! Julia (President of the Broome Car Club, Western Australia).

    • Hi,saw your post and am looking at selling my matching numbers South african issue Ht monaro 350.Blue,original interior,motor has done 90,000 original miles.I saved it from the strip.It has had a disc caliper upgrade and has an unused nitros system fitted and non original rims but other than that,she as she was,Bathurst options,L/R tank,tramp rods and factory manual converted to 2 speed powerglide.All k frames in good condition,dryland car,very minor rust in bottom of guard.Vinyl roof,easy resto.am selling collection so have 2 others if interested..No.2 is Picardy red,non orig strong 350 BMW leather electric seats and matching rear seat and door cards,disc rear and orig308 manual silver vinyl roof. in need of resto.There is a lot of shitters over there from experience and these were hand chosen.Contact if interested. Cheers,Matt.

      • Hi Matt – saw a post that you have the Monaros now in Australia? Is that correct? I am still looking for an older Monaro (still got my CV8Z) Look forward to hearing from you. Julia

  2. Hi there. Seeing as you were able to see these for yourself is there any chance you can ask the owner what he intends to do with these vehicles. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there me included who would love the chance to not only own one but to bring them back to life would be awesome.

  3. Hello Andrew Coles, I just read this today, I bet you couldn’t believe your eyes when you found these beautiful old cars. I,m like you, who ever is lucky enough own any of these classics, I hope they maintain the originality and preserve them, not wreck them. I dream of owning a Monaro one day, but it,s hard with two kids and a mortgage

    And a wife. Lol

    All the best to you and the cars, Ben fletcher

    Sydney Australia

  4. I have an origenal powerglde whit 92000 on the clock . My dad had a rare 350 gts , and stufed it up compleetely properly. I love holdens and would love to see these in real live . Also im looking to buy a monaro . Plaese contact me

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